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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

15 Social Media Accounts that Fill Your Feed and Yourself with Love

One of the magnificent, student Embody Love Club leaders at Episcopal High School shared with the group that she has begun taking a hard look at the social media accounts she follows. She struggles with body image and she was surprised how many accounts she follows that make her feel lousy about herself. Most of these accounts are of people she doesn't even know, so there would be no social backlash to unfollowing. So she has taken the mindful step of replacing the harmful posts in her feed with life-affirming ones.

The truth is we have very little choice in the media shoved down our throats. Images and articles that tell us that we are not young enough, thin enough, and sexy enough are fed to us without our consent. But what images are we choosing to consume do the same harm? What if we replaced those images on our feeds with images that nourished our sense of self-worth and "enoughness".

This is a mindfulness exercise. This is a self-preservation exercise. This is a self-love exercise.

So below is a list of social media accounts that lift us up instead of breaking us down. Can you add these to your media diet? What accounts are you going to cut out of your diet for the sake of your mental health?

Please share what body positive, self-care social media accounts do you follow?

Victory to our Spirits!


15 Social Media Accounts that Fill Your Feed and Yourself with Love

  1. Embody Love Movement (Instagram and FaceBook)

  2. You Are Enough <3 (Facebook)

  3. DanniandDannah (Instagram and Facebook)

  4. Body Positive Yoga by Amber Karnes (Facebook)

  5. @mynameisjessamyn

  6. @andriod_fitness

  7. America Ferrera

  8. @AsteyaFitness

  9. @KristinaBruce_Coach

  10. Queer Nature on FaceBook and @queerquechua on Instagram

  11. @ehs_swell

  12. @maryscupoftea

  13. @rawebeautytalks

  14. Love Bombs by Dr Melody Moore

  15. Rachel Cargle

and a bonus!