Dailyish, the made up word that makes it happen.

This made up word is my new favorite. I got it from Jeff Warren and Dan Harris, who wrote the book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.

I spent years trying to start a regular practice, only to miss a day, which became days, which turned into weeks. And with a sense of disappointment in my efforts and myself, I'd start again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Each time sowing seeds of skepticism that I could actually do this. And making it harder to try again.

Dan and Jeff advise that we set the intention of practicing "dailyish". And one minute is enough. What this has done is freed me up of the disappointment step in the process I described above. Removing self-critisism from my process of re-starting my meditation practice actually created more space to meditate. It allowed me to look forward to sitting because I no longer had to work through a sense I failed the last time. Who wants to spend time doing that? No wonder I would avoid the cushion.

So now, if I miss a day, so what? I'm more likely to start up again sooner. And soon enough a minute of mindfulness becomes two or twenty. Those minutes add up to a day of more skillful, mindful living. Those days add up to a life.


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