About Emily Straight


Yoga Teacher

Positive Body Image and Balanced Living Group Coach & Speaker

Corporate Wellness Coordinator 

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement™ (MSPE) Instructor


  • E-RYT 200 yoga teacher, Rolf Gates Yoga

  • Over 13 years of teaching experience in flow, gentle, and teen yoga


"One of her hallmarks, as far as I’m concerned, is Emily’s awareness of and concern about what’s going on with each individual’s body in the studio." -Whit, VA

"Emily Straight is an amazing yoga instructor whose style is something short of lyrical to me in the world of flow. She's also is very strong in anatomy. I have had the pleasure of practicing her flow and gentle yoga classes and the result is an empowering practice rooted in mindful meditation, physical fitness, and healing."

                                                                                       -Lauren Wolcott, WY

Embody Love Movement™ Faculty and Board Member

  • Certified in body positive, empowering workshops for girls and women

  • Speaker on Building Body Positive Schools and Supporting Body Positive Daughters

  • Embody Love Movement™ Facilitator Trainer

  • Find more information on Embody Love Movement™ or the Workshop page


"It was one of the most powerful and empowering afternoons I've ever had, and it has permanently altered my perception of myself and other women in the best way. By having difficult conversations about female expectations, we were able to confront those standards head-on, leaving with a better understanding that society's expectations for us is not how we should be defined. Having girls in all grades participate in this workshop would do great things to empower the women at this school." -Sophie, Episcopal High School

Life Balance Group Coaching and Retreats for Women

  • Certified Renee Trudeau and Associates group coach facilitator

  • Women's circles, half and full day retreats


"Emily has a gift. I truly love her style and I always end up knowing myself a little better than I did going in." ​ Anonymous reviewer, Annapolis, MD

Community Wellness Coordinator, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA

Emily serves her community as the Wellness Coordinator at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. Having lived at a 9-12th grade boarding school for 20+ years, Emily has developed a unique insight into teenage and boarding school life. As well as teaching weekly yoga and mediation classes to teens, she has served as a dorm parent, advises the Embody Love Movement Club, and is a parent to two teenagers herself.  She works to support a holistic wellness culture by creating supportive programming for faculty, staff, and spouses living and working on campus. 

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